Choreography is my passion, and here you can see some of the results.

Waragh: Choreographed and initially performed by Masami Fukushima in June, 2017 in Kumamoto, Japan. Additional performances: 

  • September 2017: Tokyo
  • 2017: Italy
  • 2018: Germany
  • 2018: Italy

More than a year had passed since there was a big earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan. I had the opportunity to dance in that country, I thought about choreography with restoration and hope. The title, "Waragh" is overlaying Japanese laugh and English laugh.

I tried to bury a lot of sorrow and despair with laughter, and composed this work.

Reality or Dream
and deviation
laugh, don’t laugh
Nothing, 38
forget, don’t forget
There’s something
233 ahaha
233 hihihi
233 ehehe
233 fufufu
233 ohoho 233 233 233 233 233 —